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Nectarios Petropoulos


My name is Nectarios Petropoulos, mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres National. Based out of Laval Quebec, DLC National is a full-service cabinet containing experienced Mortgage Brokers. As for me, I have specialized in alternative and private lending solutions since 2011 and I have the capacity to fund all over Quebec.

My backround:

I have been investing in real estate since early 2010. I bought my first properties in 2011 and transitioned into being a private lender.

Since then, I have helped build one of the most reputable rent to own/lease-buyback companies in Quebec called Breneka Real Estates Solutions and earned my mortgage broker license with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

The AMF protects the public and consumers from unscrupulous practises in the financial services sector. This ensures that my values and the lenders with whom I do business are accredited and there for the right reasons.

One of my greatest strengths is connecting with my clients, providing them with the right solutions and then putting them back on the road to financial success.

I realize that it is not always easy to be refused a loan by the bank or having them want to foreclose on your home. However, know that I am here to help and that I put my more than 10 years of mortgage experience at your service!

As a licensed mortgage broker, my goal with you is simple: I would like to help you improve your financial situation while also giving you credit repair recommendations to help you requalify over time for a loan with the banks.

If I were able to fix your problem, pay off more of your debts and increase your credit rating, would you say yes to this change? Would you be ready to take charge of your situation and take action?

How would you feel 6 months from now once your situation is resolved? Would you have less stress? Would you put money in savings or an emergency fund? Would your spouse be proud of you for looking out for the best interests of your family and kids? Would you finally take a well-deserved family vacation to a cottage to simply enjoy life? This is where I want to take you! And I need your help to do it!

My mission with my clients has always been to improve their financial situation. I have been helping families since 2010 and I continue to do so today. The tools I use to achieve this includes standard, private and alternative financing solutions.

Let me be your guide through the private and alternative mortgage world. Start by filling out our Online Application today! Once we receive it, we will schedule an appointment together to sort this all out. Believe me, you are in good hands and you'll be glad you did!

Why? Because you deserve it!

Talk to you soon!


Nectarios Petropoulos

Breneka Solutions

We are a company that specializes in rent-to-own or lease buyback programs since 2012. We team up with real estate professionals such as mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, notaries, chartered appraisers, investors and others.

We strictly only do business with ethical investors who care about the success of our clients. Among other things, we have a rigorous due diligence and file selection process that protects you as a client. This allows us to offer you one of the best rent-to-own programs on the market. These steps allow us to give you breathing room in a tough situation, the necessary tools for the purchase or the lease buyback of your house.