Mélissa, sale by reason of divorce and new house

Mélissa is very hardworking mother of 3 and always pays her bills on time. Unfortunately, she is in the process of divorce. Mélissa wants to buy a new, smaller house in Laval. She has an excellent deposit that will come from the sale of the house, and she works as a hospital supervisor for the elderly.  

She cannot qualify for a mortgage right now because her credit rating is too low. This is because her ex’s defaults on their joint debts! She has more than 20% down payment and the family residence is already sold. She does not want to go into housing and more and more landlords are checking credit scores before renting. She should also think about storing her belongings if the home or house does not meet her needs. She is under tremendous stress now that the house is sold, and she is looking for help! She would like to find a solution quickly to find accommodation with her children. 

  • House sold: Vimont 
  • Desired house: Fabreville 
  • Chosen solution: Rent to own 

She had the option of choosing a private lender or “rent to own,” but she chose the rent to own program since the monthly payments were lower, it took less down payment than the private loan and she got a term of 3 years that gave her stability while she participated in the credit repair program and increased her credit rating. At the end of the term, she will just buy the house and go to the bank! 

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