Lease-buyback program (Sale and leaseback),
When mortgage lenders say no, there’s always lease-buyback!

Looking for a solution when mortgage lenders say no? Look no further than lease-buyback! In today’s tight lending market, homeowners may feel stuck, unable to refinance their mortgage or secure financing with traditional lenders. But there is a solution: lease-buyback.

‘’This program allows homeowners to sell their home and lease it back for a fixed period, providing an immediate infusion of cash and helping to improve their financial situation.’’

With a lease-buyback program, homeowners can use the equity from the sale to pay off liens, mortgages, debts, or even tackle urgent renovations. And with a stable term of 2-5 years, homeowners have plenty of time to fix their financial situation without feeling rushed.

Plus, the benefits don’t stop there!

With lease-buyback, you can stay in your home with no changes, sign up for credit repair to improve your credit during the lease term, and enjoy the peace of mind of a fixed buyback price. And with monthly lease payments similar to a mortgage payment, you could even save money if you have high-interest credit card loans.

This program is perfect for the following financial situations:

  1. If your bank or lender isn’t renewing your mortgage.
  2. Experiencing late mortgage payments or received a 60-day notice.
  3. Overwhelmed by debt and seeking relief-but bank won’t refinance you.
  4. If B lenders or private lenders aren’t financing in your area.
  5. Currently with a private lender and seeking to reduce your monthly payments.
  6. Going through a divorce and unable to refinance to buy out a spouse.
  7. If you’ve sold your home and are struggling to qualify for the purchase of your next home

The type of clients who benefit most from our program:

  • Families
  • Self-employed: truckers, home daycares, home base businesses, and more.
  • Co-signors needing to remove their names from mortgage.
  • Homeowners in consumer proposals trying to fix their credit.
  • Low credit and can’t refinance.
  • And so much more!

At our company, we specialize in alternative and private lending solutions, and we’re eager to help you find the right lease-buyback program for your needs. Our simple process involves filling out an online application, reviewing your needs and timeline, providing estimates, signing a solution document, and verifying your identity and income. Plus, our program is confidential and comes with the added assurance of a lease with an option to buyback agreement attested with a notary.

So why wait? Fill out our online application today to see how a well-structured lease-buyback program can benefit you. We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you!

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